Exclusive Chicken and Rice Dog Food Testimonial

She used to drive over two hours once a month to get Exclusive® dog food for her three dogs. That was eight years ago when Jami Swords lived in Meeker, Colorado. A local feed dealer had recommended all-natural Exclusive® dog food, even though he didn’t carry it.

“My dogs were eating so much grocery store food. All they did was eat and eat and they were not gaining any weight.” She’d never heard of Exclusive® dog food, but she found it at a dealer in Vernal, Utah—two hours away. She had her doubts, but after about two weeks on Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Adult formula, she was sold. Eight years later Jami says, “This is all I will feed my dogs.”

Jami has since returned to Louisiana where she was born and raised and lives with her husband Mike, son Cody and four beautiful Heelers, including two brand new pups! Jami’s vet is astounded by Buz, Jami’s Senior citizen, a Blue Queensland Heeler, as he has no health problems and, as Jami puts it, “acts like a seven-month-old puppy. His coat is as shiny as when he was a puppy.” She credits Exclusive® dog food.

“What I like about Exclusive® dog food is that it’s made with real chicken,” says Jami. “It’s natural and there are no beaks, feathers or feet in it. It’s not just corn with flavor on top.” She found that when she fed Exclusive® dog food there was “less shedding and less mess.” She also insists that the food “keeps their immune systems functioning at a high level.”

“I don’t give them any extras, no supplements, nothing. It has everything they need. My dogs are extremely healthy and have never failed a physical,” she says with pride. “The biggest draw for me is the health status of my animals.” Since she began feeding Exclusive® products, Jami has welcomed two litters of puppies. Both litters were very healthy with big, beautiful puppies. “In fact,” she laughs, “my vet argued with me about how old the puppies were when I brought them in for the first time at three days of age. He insisted that they were older than three days because of their size.” She says, “Their eyes were not even open yet, they just looked older.” Her two newest puppies came from someone who did not feed Exclusive® dog food and the pups looked scrawny and discolored when she first got them. They are now on Exclusive® dog food and it already seems to be working. She noticed a huge difference in the texture and color of their coats after only one week.

For a short time, the Swords opened their home to a canine tracking and drug dog through Mike’s police work. “Betsy” is a Belgian Malinois and was underweight and undernourished when she came to them. She had been eating a competitive dog food brand and due to the high physical demands of her job had just not been able to keep weight on and her food just seemed to go right through her. They decided to switch Betsy over to Exclusive® Performance dog food with their other dogs. “Within the first month on Exclusive® dog food, Betsy’s coat was thicker, her teeth looked healthier and she was doing great,” Jami says. She had been eating twice the amount of the other brand and was still underweight. Betsy later went to live with another officer who changed her food to yet another popular brand. They soon received a call asking what Jami and Mike had been feeding. Betsy is now back on Exclusive® dog food and doing well at her new home.

Over the years, Jami has varied the Exclusive® products she feeds according to the changing activity levels and lifestyles of her dogs. While in Colorado, some of her dogs worked cattle but now they are all content to simply be loyal companions. She started out eight years ago with Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Adult Formula and has fed the Performance, Puppy and Senior formulas, all with great results. Jami has turned many other dog owners on to all-natural Exclusive® products. She always sends her puppies off to their new homes with an ample supply of Exclusive® Puppy food and urges them to continue feeding it. The proof that it works is in the excellent health and appearance of her dogs. Although Jami doesn’t have to drive two hours to get her food anymore, she insists it “would not stop me from doing what’s right for them.” She adds, “It’s up to humans to make sure their animals are as healthy and happy as possible.” Like many pet owners that feed Exclusive® dog food “exclusively”, Jami remains another naturally satisfied customer.

Get to Know Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Adult Formula

• Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Adult Formula provides your dog with wholesome and natural, high quality ingredients with added vitamins & minerals for optimum health and vitality

• Natural, fresh chicken offers high-quality protein - the building blocks for healthy bones, muscle, teeth, skin and coat

• Oatmeal and whole grain brown rice are natural grains - carbohydrate sources which provide energy to fuel body function and contain natural dietary fiber essential for a healthy digestive system

• Nutritious flaxseed provides the perfect balance of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a soft, shiny coat, healthy skin and a well-functioning immune system

• Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from natural sources helps to maintain joint health

• Naturally preserved with a form of vitamin E called mixed tocopherols

• Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

• Contains NO by-products

• Made in the USA

Remember that your dog’s health and well-being are dependent upon the choices you make for  him. Feeding all natural Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Adult Formula dog food will give your dog a superior nutritional foundation that will last a lifetime!

Source material for this blog article was provided by Purina Mills, Inc. © 2009