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  • Purina® Ampli-Calf® Warm Weather Starter Feed 22

    Manufacturer: Purina

    As temperatures surpass 68 degrees F, research shows that young dairy calves require more efficient levels of energy and protein. The right seasonal diet can help calves convert nutrients to lean gain with greater efficiency. Research shows, when compared to the previous formula of AMPLI-Calf® Starter feed*, AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed can improve overall gain & average daily gain. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Calf Growena®

    Manufacturer: Purina Dairy Nutrition Model: 1101

    Purina® Calf Growena® Feed boosts early rumen development and helps to speed growth. Purina® Calf Growena® is balanced with protein and energy for earlier freshening which provides overall savings. Feed Calf Growena® from 2 months through 6 months of age. High protein, high energy, vitamin and mineral fortified. Promotes rumen development with excellent performance. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina Commercial Calf Starter & Grower 18%

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A specially combined starter and grower made specifically for commercial size dairies raising young heifer calves and dairy beef. (18% Protein)

  • Purina® High Octane® Depth Charge™ Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Depth Charge is a highly palatable, advanced nutritional supplement for all classes of animals being fed for show. Formulated to help promote a full physical appearance for the show ring and help keep animals fuller when feeding is limited. 25 lbs.