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Purina® Impact® 14% Cubes Horse Feed

Manufacturer: Purina Model: Cubes

14% Contains 14% protein for working horses or broodmares; to be fed with medium to high quality hay or pasture. For more information on this and other Impact® products click here.

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Purina® has updated the line of Horseman’s Edge® horse feeds and reintroduced them as Purina® Impact® horse feed.  These are the same line of products available in new packaging.  With more than 85 years of research behind them, Purina High Impact horse feeds offer the following benefits:

  • Formulated by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists for optimal nutrition
  • High quality protein for muscle maintenance
  • Added Fat for Sustainable Energy & Healthy Hair Coat
  • Vitamin & mineral fortification for bone structure and immune system support
  • Quality ingredients that are highly digestible and naturally palatable
  • Nutritionally balanced so no nutritional supplements are needed